How This Work helps you secure expiring domain names.

We make it possible for individuals to compete for the domain names that are released daily from the Verisign domain registry, known as the Drop.

What’s the Drop? It’s the process where expiring domains becomes public. To understand the domain expiration process.

Some domains are highly sought after, and can only be acquired by advanced computer algorithms. NameKlue was designed from the ground up to compete for these domains. Our advanced software and registrar network help give you the competitive advantage you need to get the domains you want.

Suddenly, acquiring a great domain name is not only possible, it's easy.

Our parent company OutFalak Biz Pvt.Ltd. is a proven leader in the domain industry. Since 2019 we have acquired over 10,000 domain names through the Drop.

NameKlue is located in Wadhwa Complex, H.No D288-89/10, 156B, First Floor, Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092.

Public Actions

When NameKlue successfully registers a dropping domain that has one or more backorders placed with NameKlue the domain will go into a public auction.

Auctions are open for 3 days and end at 1 p.m. Mountain Time.

To prevent auction "sniping", a new high bid placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction will reset the end time of the auction to 5 minutes from the time of the last bid.

Winning an Auction

NameKlue auctions are public. Any NameKlue verified auction user may participate in the auction. The highest bidder of an auction will win ownership of the domain.

After NameKlue receives payment for a domain won in auction, the ownership of the domain is transferred to the high bidder of the auction.

Proxy Bidding

All bids in NameKlue auctions are placed as proxy bids; the auction winner pays the second-highest bid plus a predefined bidding increment.

You must have an account with to participate in a domain auction. If you do not, you will be prompted to create an account.

Your NameKlue account must be verified to participate in an auction. If you have not verified your account, you will be prompted to do so. Account Verification may take up to 72-hours.

Once you have a verified NameKlue account you may participate in an auction by placing a bid. Once you have entered the auction you may receive auction updates automatically through email. Notifications may be turned on or off in your account settings.

The NameKlue Marketplace

The NameKlue Marketplace is a service that allows NameKlue users to place domains they own for sale through the platform by listing them in an auction format. All auctions on NameKlue are public so your domain will be listed in auction available to all verified NameKlue users. This ensures your domain will be on a platform that has a wide reach to a large audience that will compete to purchase your domain. NameKlue will capture the payment and deliver your domains to the purchasing user in the event you have a successful sale.

To List a Domain with The NameKlue Marketplace

Keep the domain registered in your NameBright account.

The listing party will be charged a 10% commission, and will be responsible for all renewal or transfer fees if applicable based on the registrar and remaining registration on the domain(s). Minimum start prices have been set based on the TLD of the domain. When a user elects to list a domain for sale on The NameKlue Marketplace they will select the start price and the duration. When an auction is activated all terms of the auction become final, as all bids on the auction are considered final. The Selling party may not alter, extend, or cancel any auction. All buyers who submit bids on auctions may not change or cancel their bid at any time.

Payment for Sold Domains on The NameKlue Marketplace

NameKlue will disperse payments made by the purchasing parties to selling parties of all successful sales once a month for the previous month completed sales, providing a list of all sold domains with the commission breakdown. Calculation of payments will not occur until the auctioned domain has been fully paid by the Buyer and the escrow process has been successfully completed.

Payment will be dispersed in the payment method you elect. You may elect to be paid through Bank Transfer, PayPal payment. If you elect payment through Bank Transfer & PayPal payment NameKlue will collect additional information to submit payment.

For additional information on the NameKlue Marketplace please visit our Terms and Conditions.

What is the daily drop?

Each day, thousands of domain names fail to be renewed and become available to the public. The drop is the window of time in which domains are deleted from the VeriSign database and released back to the public for a new owner to register. A small percentage of these domains have a high value potential, so they can be utilized for monetization or development. helps its customers secure these high quality domains.

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